Planning and Delivering outstanding communities

We procure compelling lands in joint venture with prominent private and public sector partners to conceive, design and deliver outstanding real estate community projects in Africa, Asia and elsewhere globally, each of which set out to serve the intrinsic needs of nations.

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An alliance of World-class executives and market-leading experts

HFA Developments is a division of HFA Group. Our business is to create diverse, integrated and bespoke developments in territories where there is a compelling need for enhanced living.

We aim to deliver desirable homes and communities targeting the deep-rooted needs of populations, from affordable homes within especially master-planned, mixed-use communities, to international tourism-oriented schemes, all delivered following the highest standards of professionalism and execution.

We believe in the power of great relationships

HFA Developments brings together permanent members and executives dedicated to the Group's projects, including the leading executives of HFA’s partner firms based in the United Arab Emirates: Belmont Global and Evarei.

Our extended network of principal project advisors includes market-leading master-planning, project management, construction, finance, accounting and legal professionals, with strong specialization in real estate projects within the territories where we invest.

Our Vision

We believe in positive change through crafted investment.

Our aim is to enhance livelihoods in Africa, Asia and elsewhere globally through the delivery of significant communities comprising real estate components which evolve and improve regional prosperity for the local population.

  • Jeffrey Farrow Director
    HFA Group

  • Stefan Hickmott Director
    HFA Group

Complete, sustainable development solutions

Let’s shape the future together